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Points and rewards

This is our way of rewarding your trust and loyalty. With each purchase you get immediate ServoPoints that you can use next time you visit our shop. For every Euro spent on you get one point and for 100 points save 1 € on your next purchase.

What are points? - Save with each purchase

You can get points in many ways: buying products, giving us your opinion about them or sharing with your friends.

Choose for your purchases and save on every order!

How to get points?

1. Start gaining points from the day one

Create an account in and start gaining immediate points from day one. Just by creating an account with us you directly receive 25 points that you can exchange on future orders.

As a registered customer you can enjoy fast access to your order history, reserve exclusive products and special offers only for customers.

2. Subscribe to our Newsletter

Take advantage of the best deals, the latest releases and tasty promotions. You only have to subscribe to our newsletter. Periodically you will receive interesting information about news, offers, special points promotions and exclusive prices only for registered users.

By subscribing to our newsletter you will receive 25 points, which added to the 25 points you've received to register as a client, make a total of 50 points. A welcome discount for just a few clicks!

3. Points for buying

Earn Points buying is very simple: earn 1 point per Euro of purchase. The calculation is made rounding off cents in your favor. For example, if you make a purchase worth 24'99 € (shipping cost and handling not included), you will get 25 points.

The points are added after the purchase. In case of cancellation or return of an order, the points earned for that purchase will be deducted from the total balance. In case of return of a product where the customer has used points for the purchase, these shall be returned.

The minimum balance exchangeable for each purchase is 500 points.

In case of promotions, free products that are added to the shopping cart (with cost 0 €) no points will be added to the account.

4. Others way of winning points

4.1 Points for inviting a friend

Invite a friend to visit and earn bonus points for your first purchase.

Do you have friends who have not tried our products? Do not hesitate! Invite them to know and receive more than thanks.

Encourage your friends to buy in our store and get an extra 15 points if they register. And stay tuned! For the first purchase of any friend who have known the store thanks to you, you will receive extra points.

4.2 Another point for each tag

In we have thousands of products for you to add tags to help other users like you to find them more easily. Not only that, for each tag you add to the "Product Tags" of the details of the products on the web, you earn 1 Extra point that you can exchange on your next purchase.

You can earn a maximum of 100 points for taging products.

4.3 Writing your opinion on our products

Your comments and reviews on our products are of interest to us. And to you as well, because for every "review", suggestion, comment or contribution you make on a product (within the description of each product) you can win 15 points with a maximum of 3 reviews daily.

Expiry of the Points

You have 180 calendar days to exchange your points.

Check your balance

You can check your balance on points anytime on the Panel My Account > My Points.

Exchange your points

The points can be exchanged during the checkout process. You can choose how many points you want to exchange during the purchase process on the payment process, considering that the minimum balance to exchange is 500 points.

The discount is applied to the subtotal of the order (ie the value of the products), shipping or extra costs not included.

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